Bingo Rush Frequently Asked Questions

Introducing Bingo Rush from Buffalo Studios!

• What is Bingo Rush?

Bingo Rush is an action-packed new bingo game from Buffalo Studios, creators of the hit Facebook game Bingo Blitz. Designed exclusively for iOS devices, Bingo Rush amps up the intensity for players as they try to get multiple bingos on their cards before time runs out in the round. Bingo Rush is available for FREE download on iPhone and iPod Touch.

• What is the goal of the game?

The goal of the game is get as many bingos as possible on all game cards before time runs out in the round.

• How do I start a game?

To begin, press the “Play” button on the Main Menu.  Upon opening your first game session, you will be presented with a step by step tutorial.

• How do I choose a room?

Press the on-screen arrows or swipe left and right to access available rooms. Press on the logo in the middle of the screen to access the currently highlighted city.

• How do I buy cards?

After entering a city, the user will be prompted to Buy Cards with Credits. Pressing on one of the six game cards will initiate the start of the game.

• How do I get Credits?

Players will be given a batch of Credits upon launching the game for the first time.  Every few hours a player will be given additional Credits as a reward for opening the app.  Credits can also be purchased via the “Store” button in the bottom left hand corner of the game screen.

• How many Bingos are available on each card?

Each card has four possible bingos. After getting three standard bingos on a card, the player needs to black out the card completely to get credit for the fourth and final “Blackout Bingo”.  Blackout Bingo will earn extreme rewards.

• How do I call a Bingo?

When you see a Bingo on a card, press the blue “Bingo!” button. Bingo can be called when the player has daubed five spaces in a row on a card. Four corner bingos are also allowed.

• What do I win for getting Bingos?

All bingos yield coin rewards. If the player gets 4 or more bingos in a round they earn Credit rewards as well.

• How do I get to the next ball?

The current ball appears at the top middle portion of the game screen. If the current ball is on any of your cards, you must daub ALL instances of that ball on ALL cards to advance to the next ball. If the current ball is NOT on any of your cards, then you must press the “Next Ball” button on the right side of the screen to advance to the next ball.

• What happens if I press “Next Ball” at the wrong time?

If you press “Next Ball” but have not daubed ALL instances of the current ball on ALL cards, a three-second time penalty will be assessed.

• Can I increase my Credit Bonus?

Yes. As you increase your XP level, you will increase your Credit Bonus as well.

• How do I get more Power Ups?

Power Ups can be purchased via the “Store” button in the bottom left hand corner of the game screen.

• How do I view off-screen cards?

When playing 3 or more cards, off-screen cards can be accessed by using the navigation arrows on the right side of the screen OR by swiping upward or downward to pull cards on screen.

• How do I complete Room Collections?

Each bingo room has an associated collection with 10 items. Five of these items can be found in chests, and five of these items can be found in Shadow Cards. Most Collection Items can also be purchased with game coins.

• What is the reward for completing Room Collections?

For each completed Room Collection, the user will receive a big package of game Credits. Completed Collections in higher level cities offer

• What is my Daub Percentage?

The Daub Percentage is the rate of daub coverage across all of your cards from the current game. At the end of a round, the player will earn a coin bonus based on their Daub Percentage. The higher the Daub Percentage, the higher the coin bonus. The more cards the player plays, the higher the coin bonus.

• How do I find chests?

To find a chest, you must daub a square on a card that has a Chest icon on it. In the round summary sequence, the chest will be opened to reveal your reward.

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