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BINGO With A Twist!
Fast-paced games mixed with arcade-style features
create a unique bingo experience.

More Ways To Play!
15 International Rooms
with unique goals and collections!

Compete Head To Head!
Play in the daily tournaments against friends and enemies
for high scores and game items.


Use teamwork to collect rare items,
complete rooms, and level up.

More BINGO Players!
Play with nearly a million daily players from around
the world!

Slots, Blackout, Lotería, AND MORE!
5 different game styles!

Unique and Dynamic Gameplay!
Tip the rules of bingo in your favor with power-ups such
as Instant Win and Double Daub.

Daily Play Bonuses!
Receive free daily credits and slot spins for simply
HAVING FUN with BINGO Blitz each day!

New rooms, new features, new contests updated regularly!

About BINGO Blitz

BINGO Blitz is the #1 Online Bingo Game that features arcade-style bingo gameplay. In this colorful and superbly animated real-time game, players use Power UpsCoins, and Experience Points to achieve bingos and complete the many in-game goals. Choose from an array of Bingo Rooms themed in the style of various countries from around the world, and compete both solo and in teams to unlock all of the Collection Items and Bingo Rooms!

BINGO Blitz Tips & Tricks

Teammates & Credits
The more teammates you have, the more FREE credits you earn! 

Connect with your Facebook friends or make new BINGO Blitz friends for more rewards. Reaching Team Point milestones during the week will unlock bonuses for you and your teammates. 

Team points are also added for you and your teammates with every bingo! 

Still want more? Share your accomplishments on your Facebook wall to gift credits and coins to teammates

Collection Items
The most elusive items appear as Shadow Cards during the game. Bingo on a Shadow Card and win that item

Didn’t get a bingo? Don’t worry! Treasure chests also contain collection items, so if you’ve daubed a few chests, you still have a chance. 

And if there’s a certain pesky item that you just can’t seem to win, you can ask one of your teammates to share an extra!

Each Lotería card has a background color that corresponds to a colored row on the tabla.

Use the colors to help find the picture when it’s called. When you get a LOTERÍA, the four items in the LOTERÍA are the collection items you receive. 

If your final daub completes 2 LOTERÍAS, four random items will be chosen from your winning patterns.

There are no shortcuts in Blackout! Playing with four cards gives you the best chance to use more power-ups in a round and the single and double daub power-ups help fill your card faster. Instant Win Power-Ups are not available.