Bingo Blitz High Stakes Tournament FAQ

1. What is High Stakes Tournament?
High Stakes Tournament is a NEW Bingo game where players compete to win a daily Jackpot!

2. How does it work?
Enter and play as many games as you’d like in a single day. Earn BINGOs to score in each round. Only your top 5 scores will count!

3. How are my scores determined?
Players will be able to play 5 rounds of Bingo and compete to win the daily Jackpot. The total number of credits you have won in your best entry score (grouped in 5 rounds) will count as your submitted score. The players with the highest submitted scores will win the Jackpot!

4. How do I win the daily Jackpot?
Players with the highest submitted scores will win the Jackpot. Only the top 10 players of each day’s tournament are eligible to win a portion of the Jackpot. You can play as many games as you’d like to increase your daily score!

5. How do I claim my Jackpot?
Come back the next day to see if you’ve won the Jackpot, and claim your prize!

6. How is the Jackpot determined?
The top 10 players will receive the following payouts:

  • 1st place: 29%
  • 2nd place: 18.5%
  • 3rd place: 12%
  • 4th place: 10%
  • 5th place: 8%
  • 6th place: 6.5%
  • 7th place: 5.5%
  • 8th place: 4.5%
  • 9th place: 3.5%
  • 10th place: 2.5%

7. How much does it cost to enter High Stakes Tournament?
You need 10 credits to enter High Stakes Tournament, plus the cost of cards.

8. What kind of prizes do I get for coming back to play High Stakes Tournament every day?
After Day 1, you will be given the following bonuses if you return:

  • Day 2: Extra Treasure Square on every card
  • Day 3: Double chance of Shadow cards appearing
  • Day 4: Double chance of Shadow cards, and special rare shadows appear
  • Day 5: Entry fee is waived

9. Who can play High Stakes Tournament?
You must be level 18 and above to play in High Stakes Tournament.

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